94 Feet With Coach J.T. Podcast

94 Feet With Coach JT (Wayne Oliver) or imso510 on IG Former Pro Baller Turned Father and Basketball Trainer

February 13, 2021

From Richmond California, Wayne tells us how he go to attend and play basketball for the real COACH CARTER. He talks about their bond and how they showed up one day and the doors were locked. I asked him about the running suicides and the team study hall sessions. Wayne talks about the struggles of growing up in the Rich. He even lets us in on how he overcame some tough losses (Loss of his brother) and I do mean tough.  Of course I had to talk about his daughter Amaya Oliver (sauceyy.mya) IG who currently is a freshman  playing at USC! He talks about being a proud father to his kids but also the real life struggle and grind behind it! Also Wayne is a published author and has some of the dopest poems out right now. 

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