94 Feet With Coach J.T. Podcast

94 Feet With Coach JT. Live from the 360 Studio local AAU Team Militant Guards Leah Nelson, Kaylie Edge and Mari Rumph join me.

September 23, 2021

   Local Team Militant Guards Leah Nelson of Christian Brother high school, Kaylie Edge Sac State Commit and Mari Rumph of Franklin High school got to be my first group of high school athletes on the show.

As all the viewing periods have ended and we hope to have a  full high school basketball season, these ladies talk about their busy summer. From aau practice and  travel to the east coast. All the young ladies talked about the big sacrifices their families and coaches have made and continue to make for them to be able to play the game of basketball. Of course we talk the behind the scene life of aau. We talk new players new system and high level competition.

We had to address some mental health issue and concerns the ladies had, and are still dealing with to this day.  It got a little emotional at one point in the show but the love and support that was shown was unreal! I enjoyed everything about this interview I hope you do also!  Watch it live also on my Youtube Channel 94feetwithcoachjt


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