94 Feet With Coach J.T. Podcast

94 Feet With Coach JT From Dallas TX, Delilah Aguilar mental health advocate joins me on a call.

September 16, 2021

Delilah Aguilar,

Originally from Arizona and moved to Texas in 2010 with her two sons. Suicide hit home so in 2012. She made a choice to become an advocate. Work includes public speaking in schools, women's events, and church groups discussing the importance of suicide prevention and mental health. Recently launched her own podcast (Loveproject51) on podbean, where various topics such as suicide, mental health, relationships, and sports will be discussed. Please enjoy this heartfelt episode as she opens up and tells her story. Also as she gives various resources for anyone who may been support! #WorldsuicidePreventionMonth

@CrisisTextLine Text HOME OR 741741 24/7 Please use this great resource!

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