94 Feet With Coach J.T. Podcast

94 Feet With Coach JT. Janea Young and Tabytha Wampler join me Live!

October 20, 2021

This episode is sponsoerd by : Smart Athletic Kids! SAK

  Tabytha Wampler @twamp33 and Janae Young @janae_nicole_2 joined me live!! These ladies are building something dope in the city with @mylegendathletics . They take time to let us in about their up bringing and how they got started in sports. @twamp33 says she has known since the age of 6 she was meant to play hoop! @janae_nicole_2 was a BLACK belt in karate and made the move to hoop late but it paid off. Of course we talk adversity and how they over came them.  You know I had to get their “triple threat “ before it was over. Thank you both!! #916

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